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Hello and welcome to the official Ninja Spirit Web site!
Believe it or not, it's official!
What's New: This site is new! Finally updated with nine action-packed episodes, we're also happy to showcase our new Characters page, info on The Show, and a Who's Who section so you can learn about all the people involved.
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See Ninja Spirit and Wang battle the Evil Infamous Bushido Bien.
To date, this is our best episode - we even use real Katana swords. Oh yes!!

On The Way: Ninja Spirit X: Enter the Insanity! Stay tuned for the trailer, production stills, behind the scenes material, and more.

Check out the Episode X page for more info.

News: We've just got our new site up and running, so spread the word! Get people over here. Tell your friends, leave it as your away message, do it all! I mean, Episode IX is so good!
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