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Who's Who
Raymond Perez
Plays: Ninja Spirit
Episodes: 1 - 10
From: Rutherford, NJ
Bio: Ray has been studying martial arts since he was a child and has gained experience in a variety of fighting methods over the years, including Han Kuk Mu Ki Do, Judo, Jujitsu, Hapkido, Kung Fu, ITF TaeKwonDo and WTF TaeKwonDo, in which he recently earned a black belt. Some of his martial arts accomplishments include:
1998 North Jersey TaeKwonDo Championship - 1st Forms, 2nd Sparring
2004 Garden State Games - 1st Mens Intermediate Weapons, 2nd Mens Intermediate Forms, 1st Mens intermediate self defense
2004 UMI Goodwill Games - 1st Mens Advanced Forms, 2nd Mens Advanced Breaking
2005 Infinity Annual Tournament - 2nd Breaking
Ray has been working for NBC Universal for the past three years as a manager in Satellite and Field Operations. He is currently working on a Master's degree in Telecom Management at Stevens Institute of Technology. Ray enjoys skiing, rock climbing, ice skating, rollerblading, running, and golf.
Ray Perez
Christopher Wong
Plays: Wang, Gnaw
Episodes: 2 - 10
From: Baltimore, MD
Bio: Chris Wong first started making short videos as a child with his two sisters. He has been involved with Ninja Spirit since Episode 2 in April 1999 and holds a first-degree black belt in Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu. He has also studied Taekwondo, Kendo, Wing Chun Kung Fu, and the enigmatic Hamster Style. When he isn't busy shooting Ninja Spirit, Chris is a robotics engineer. He has directed a number of research projects including a path-planning algorithm for multiple robots working cooperatively as well as a low-cost, modular force feedback device that is designed for educational applications. His current work involves motion-controlled transfer of materiel and personnel between two ships in advanced sea states. Chris enjoys a variety of outdoor activities as well as martial arts and general fitness. He and his lovely wife, Anna, currently reside in Baltimore with their junior ninja son.
Chris Wong
Bienvenido Concepcion
Plays: Disco Bien, Tuxedo Bien, Bushido Bien, Han Bien, and more
Episodes: 3, 4, 9, 10
From: Washington, DC
Bio: Bien Concepcion was a big fan of Ninja Spirit before he took part in the series. He is an independent video editor and web designer in the Washington, DC area. He edits and produces promotional spots and television shows for the Discovery Channel, PBS, National Geographic Channel, and other networks. Bien has also written and directed a number of short films and documentaries while in high school and in college. Some of his favorites include Writer's Block, Happiness in a Box, The Art of Roadkill Sculpture, and Better Man. Once an off-broadway child actor/singer, Bien has performed in many plays, operas and short films throughout his career: notably in The King and I on Broadway, Charles Durang's Beyond Therapy, and Star Wars: Macbeth, a short film based on the Shakespeare play set in the Star Wars realm. Bien enjoys running, weight lifting, skiing, singing, and playing the piano. He just started learning the guitar. Bien is happily married to his wife Amber and enjoys spending time with his son Dominick.
Bien Concepcion
Joseph Perez
Plays: Evil Ninja Spirit
Episodes: 5, 10
From: Marlboro, NJ
Bio: Joe developed his love for acting when he and his brother Ray did their first short video entitled Comedy Act at the age of 10. He has acquired a wealth of acting experience over the years, notably as Evil Ninja Spirit in the Ninja Spirit series and in a James Bond parody as Mr. Bond himself. Joe graduated from ECC in 2001 with a degree in Business Administration and is working towards a Bachelor Degree in the Fine Arts. He has worked at Comus International for the past six years and acts on the side. Joe is currently attending acting classes at the Action Theartre Conservatory in Clifton, NJ. He enjoys golf, weight lifting, running, martial arts, and all other kinds of aerobic exercise. He has been happily married to his wife Jill for the past 3 years.
Joe Perez
Winnie Boswell
Plays: The Evil Infamous Darth Boz
Episodes: 7
From: Nutley, NJ
Lindsey Wong
Plays: Lotus Blossom
Episodes: 10
From: Glen Ridge, NJ
Bio: Lindsey has spent most of her life preparing to be part of Ninja Spirit. From a young age she was trained in the ways of short film production by her brother Chris. Her role as Lotus Blossom has been years in the making and she has been a fan of the series from the beginning. Lindsey is currently a student at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY where she is premed in hopes of someday going to med school. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, yoga, sleeping, and spending time with her friends.
Little One
William "Sky" Patterson
Plays: Bob
Episodes: 1
From: Glen Ridge, NJ
Bio: Sky Patterson is computer video editor and 3D animator who is attending Fairleigh Dickinson University. Sky enjoys playing hockey and roller blading.
Sky Patterson


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