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Ninja Spirit is the fun-filled, action-packed martial arts series that will make you laugh, cry, and and wonder, "What the hell is wrong with them?"

Ninja Spirit was originally created back in 1986, when Raymond Perez first grabbed a VHS camcorder and filmed the very first Ninja Spitit without digital editing, special effects, or sound treatment. Unfortunately the VHS tape has since then been lost and the memory of Ninja Spirit died for over twelve years. But then in 1998, Perez resurrected the old idea and turned it into reality with Episode I. Today, we have Ninja Spirit in all of its glory: the way it was originally envisioned in 1986.

Episode One was shot in under ten minutes on location at Sky Patterson's house and was edited and compiled in under two hours. It was also the first episode that used a computer (a 100MHz Pentium PC) and digital video editing equipment (the Reveal VE500 video capture card). The sound effects and music were taken from a video game for the Sony Playstation. But as technology increased at alarming rates, so did the advancements in digital video editing. Today we use professional digital cameras and broadcast industry-grade video editing hardware and software to produce each episode.

Originally, we made a pact to never the plan episodes out prior to production. Well, time has forced us otherwise. In Episode 9, we may have dedicated somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes of story development and fight choreography before filming. And man, was it worth it! Keep on the lookout for the latest news on the 10th episode, Ninja Spirit: Enter the Insanity! (also known as "Ninja Spirit: The Movie"), currently in production.


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