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Episode V: Evil Ninja Spirit and Gnaw

Created: January 2000

Characters: NS, Wang, Gnaw, Evil Ninja Spirit (Joe Perez)

Notes: This was the first episode that we actually put some kind of thought into� not much� but a little. We decided Joe would have to be the Evil Ninja Spirit, the antithesis of Ninja Spirit. He should also have a similar opening shot. We then thought� man, this guy needs a side-kick. So what better for Wangs arch enemy than Gnaw (Wang Backwards) A brilliant idea by Chris I might add! We ran upstairs and found a Dobok that would fix Chris and ripped the hell out of it!! Joe then had some a great idea to imitate the old Bruce Lee movies with his Phantom Menace rising lip wiping shot. Hopefully all those Bruce Lee fans will appreciate it. The ending is a tad bit weak� for some reason as we get closer to the end of a shoot, we always seem to forget about a little thing called line of sight� either that or we just stop caring.

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