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Episode IX: The Evil Infamous Bushido Bien

Created: June 2005

Characters: NS, Wang, Gnaw, Bushido Bien

Notes: From reviews, the best of the Ninja Spirits so far! Once again, on pre-planning went into this episode except for the costume for Biens Character� the Nike shin guards on the wrists are a nice touch. This time we decided to also use Samurai Swords, real ones too!! Needless to say, the Bushido Bien/ NS fight scene was a little on the scary side! For those of you Shrek fans out there, you will appreciate Biens line when he takes out his sword. The Special affects in this episode are much better than previous episodes because of what we call �The New Technology� or put more simply, Adobe After Affects. Why we waited so long to use such a powerful program, what can I say, we�re morons. Bringing in gnaw at the end was completely unexpected. Bien had the hood on and Chris said �man, that looks just like the emperor! Hey we could have him execute order 66!!� We laughed and went on shooting. Later, we ran into a road block when we didn�t know how to kill Wang and NS in this episode. So we decided, hey, why not have him be the emperor and we could have Wang turn on NS� and even better, Wang will become Gnaw! Being that this all happened in about 5 minutes, I think it worked out ok. For the last shot, we decided to make it rather gruesome and have gnaw bite NS and get blood all over his face. We tried about 5 times, when Gnaw leans down to bite NS, I rubbed Ketchup in his face (you can see my face in the top left side of the screen)� I can�t even believe we actually got one good take of this being we kept breaking into hysterical laughter!

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