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The Bien Clan

The BIEN CLAN is the result of a catastrophic Filipino Army cloning experiment; a secret project designed to strengthen the Philippines and turn it into a superpower rivaling the US, Europe, and China. Bred with various levels of strengths and intelligence, problems arose when Army officials determined the Biens to be unreliable. Most of the clones grew to disdain the violence for which they were bred and turned to more refined pursuits such as dance, baking, and horticulture. After months of hostile tension, the Biens rebelled against their masters. Over 20,000 Bien Clones were in production when the president terminated the project in fear of a clone takeover. During the destruction of the manufacturing facility, several Biens escaped. Many have managed to reunite in the years since, though even more remain missing.

HAN BIEN, one of the more intelligent and lethal clones, fled to a remote island fortress after his escape from the cloning facility. Hoping to redevelop a fighting force capable of taking on the Filipino military, Han Bien used his own DNA and attempted to create a new generation of clones. Unfortunately, the "copy of a copy" technique produced less than spectacular results and spawned a force of slow-witted Biens incapable of complex thought and skilled only in the art of defeat. Unable to destroy his creations, Han Bien maintains his clone army in hopes of one day returning to exact revenge on his heartless creators.

DISCO BIEN was the result of an experiment in which a blend of DNA from Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb was added to the Bien cloning serum. Raised on a steady diet of liquefied Abba, Gloria Gaynor, and Trammps albums, Disco Bien is rumored to be more of a lover than a fighter, though many a fallen enemy has made the fatal mistake of underestimating him.

The ultimate gentleman martial artist, TUXEDO BIEN was originally designed to infiltrate the British Ministry of Defense�s MI6. In a distinctly non-secret agent fashion, he eschews guns and explosives for the more refined art of gymnastic combat. While he is perhaps more comfortable in the lounge than on the battlefield, these trademark acrobatic skills are renowned for their lethality.

BUSHIDO BIEN, one of the more successful products of the cloning project, was extensively trained in armed combat. Beyond his formidable martial prowess, Bushido Bien also possesses an ability to transmute people and objects at will. This mystical ability serves him well, as he has been known to withdraw from combat and simply turn his enemies against one another.

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