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Evil Ninja Spirit

EVIL NINJA SPIRIT was found with his brother, Ninja Spirit, along the banks of Japan�s Nisiki River and was taken in by the wise and powerful Master Wang. Accepting the brothers into his family, Master Wang began to instruct them in the ways of the ninja. It was not long before differences between the brothers began to emerge. Even at an early age, Evil Ninja Spirit displayed signs of cruelty, malice, and will to dominate all life. Aware of Evil Ninja Spirit�s intentions, Master Wang confronted the misguided youth and gave him a choice to renounce his evil ways and return to the light or be forever banished from the ninja order. The young pupil became angry and jealous and, in his rage, assaulted his mentor in the middle of the night as he slept, gravely wounding but failing to kill him. Evil Ninja Spirit then fled the only home he had ever known, forsaking his family and all bonds of fellowship.

His lust for power, which was surpassed only by his hate for all things good, led him to the Evil Shaolin Temple in the heart of the Wudong Mountains in China, a forsaken place known only in legend. There, he began his training in the dark arts and learned to channel all his anger and hate. After his training was complete, he burned the Evil Shaolin Temple to the ground. Had his evil sifus lived, they would have been proud. Evil Ninja Spirit�s dark powers, combined with his corrupt version of Master Wang�s teachings, make him a truly formidable opponent.

Evil Ninja Spirit
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