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The story of GNAW is a tragic one. Born Charles Huffington III, Gnaw was the only child of international financier Charles Huffington II and his wife Elizabeth. Catastrophe struck when the family´┐Żs luxury ornithopter exploded over the African wilderness, leaving Gnaw as the sole survivor. Battered and near death, infant Gnaw was found by a she-hyena and accepted into her fiercely rabid pack. Raised under the influence of the hyena family, Gnaw was discovered by the infamous Dark Ninja Spirit during a big game fighting expedition. After a brief struggle involving the loss of two fingers, Dark Ninja Spirit brought Gnaw back to the Evil Shaolin Temple and trained him in the Dark Arts. While Gnaw seems to share some affinity with Wang, the nature of any connection is shrouded in mystery.

Representing a lethal balance of feral instinct and martial training, Gnaw continues to intimidate and frighten the forces of good throughout the ninja world.

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