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Ninja Spirit

NINJA SPIRIT was found along with his brother on the banks of the Nisiki River in the heart of Japan. He was named Hikui Shiro Bouya (Short White Boy) and raised by Master Wang. Training with his brother, Hoka Shiro Bouya (Other White Boy), Ninja Spirit developed his martial abilities under Master Wang's tutelage. Over several years, the brothers grew more and more distant until finally, consumed with evil and hate, Hoka betrayed his brother and master and fled the Shao Wang Temple.

Distraught over his brother's betrayal, Ninja Spirit traveled all through the Orient learning as many forms of martial arts as possible. Influenced by Korean, Chinese, and Philipino martial arts, he developed his own unique style. This diverse training from around the Orient lead to several unique and bizarre dobok combinations. Despite his extensive training, Ninja Spirit carries an inexplicably disastrous curse in battle and he has rarely won a fight.

Ninja Spirit
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