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WANG hails from a long line of powerful martial artists descended from the great ninja kings of old. Trained from birth in the ninja ways by his father, Master Wang, Wang became highly proficient in many forms of armed and unarmed fighting. It was sometimes said that the mere sight of Wang�s famous flying double axe kick would be enough to rout entire armies. Respected throughout the martial arts world, Wang knew no equal in combat, until recently.

Fearing for the safety of the talented yet oft ill-fortuned Ninja Spirit, the High Ninja Council secretly assigned Wang to protect Ninja Spirit in his adventures. So as to not offend the delicate self esteem of Ninja Spirit, the council even assigned Wang the demoted rank of green belt so that he might appear as Ninja Spirit�s subordinate. Alas, Wang too fell victim to the calamity that stalks Ninja Sprit like a plague. Now, he stands by Ninja Spirit, ready to face whatever challenges await the duo.

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